Monarch Butterflies Now Overwintering in Pacific Grove

Docents are available to answer all of your fly-by questions.

WHEN DO THE MONARCHS RETURN... to the Monarch Habitat Sanctuary in Pacific Grove? It's a good question, but one you can always know the answer to, if you keep the following word in mind: overwintering. For that's what the flutter-flutter guests do when they arrive around the Central Coast, and while we humans aren't as prone to overwintering anywhere different, as compared to where we oversummered, these migrating superstars have a whole different plan. That's why having a docent around to help us understand what we're seeing is so very helpful, but finding a knowledgeable person who can answer our questions isn't always possible when seeking out a Monarch-laden location. But the...

DOCENTS HAVE ARRIVED... at the Pacific Grove sanctuary, which they traditionally do in early November. For that's the true start of butterfly-viewing season at the eucalyptus-y, pine-pretty area, and visitors often wonder about a host of topics while strolling the grounds. Like, "where are the butterflies?" (If you've arrived too early in the day, you may not see them, for "Monarchs can't fly when the temperature is below 55 degrees," making them challenging to spot.) They can also cluster "like dead leaves" way, way up in the trees, so you'll want a pro nearby to help you separate the foliage from the flutterers. And when should you be there, if you'd like to chat with a docent and get to know the world of these overwintering icons? They'll be there between noon and 3, so plan your visit for the early afternoon.

PLAN YOUR VISIT SOON, and definitely by February, when the Monarch's overwintering stay begins to wind down. But be sure to pick up a few essential tips before you go. Like? You'll want to stick to the sanctuary paths while there, and Fido should stay home. For all of the must-knows for the Monarch-iest months of the year around Pacific Grove, flutter by this info-packed page now.

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