Monterey Meals: Cooking for Solutions

Deepen your "ocean-friendly lifestyle" at this two-day gourmet gathering.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

WAVE-TO-TABLE: The bywords and terms of sustainable and future-forward cookery are no longer the sort of ideas any foodie needs to get up-to-speed on; everyone realizes that choosing to be an aware eater, and a conscientious consumer of comestibles, is where it is at and where it shall continue to go. But while there are many retreats covering farm-to-table and positive practices involving where our meats and cheeses and dairy and everything on the menu hails from, gatherings that focus on the ocean, in addition to the land, are coming up as well. And one of the biggest, for nearly coming up on a decade and a half next year, is the Cooking for Solutions weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The two-day gourmet-and-more gathering, which comes ashore at the Cannery Row institution on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, is devoted to finding "delicious ways to live an ocean-friendly lifestyle" Adding to the everything-ocean-edible weekend is the fact that the whole celebration will also, for the first happening-simultaneous time, honor World Oceans Day Weekend.

FOOD, WINE, IDEAS, COMMUNITY: Unlike many a straight-up supping event, Cooking for Solutions is both about tasty tidbits and shared knowledge on a global, going-to-the-next-stage front. There shall be info on the "land-sea connection" at Sustainable Foods Celebration on June 6, and "how Earth-friendly agriculture can make a difference not just for the soil, but for ocean wildlife." And, yes, there shall be many celebrated chefs making cooking-themed cameos over the weekend, from The Flavors of Spain with Chad Minton and Alvaro Dalmau to Hawaiian Highlands Barbecue with Sam Choy. So, yes, for sure, on-the-land flavors and ingredients will be a big part of the weekend, in addition to any crustaceans or fishes seen on various spreads. And a Saturday night party with Carla Hall is the yummy centerpiece to the weekend (prepare for tuna tacos, swanky s'mores, and such). Want to hit one thing or a few things? Those tickets are a la carte. Want to dream about dining on a host of sensible, sustainable eats next to the ocean? No more dreaming required: Start here.

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