Monterey Merry: The Otters' Christmas Treats

What's the frosting contain? Why minced clams, of course.

'TIS THE SEA SEASON: Regardless of how we mark the merriest time of year, we probably don't go the minced-clams-as-dessert-frosting route. But, then again, we're not otters -- though we don't want to make assumptions of course about anyone reading this -- and we don't wriggle about with icy, poinsettia-shaped treats laden with clammy goodness to celebrate Christmas. Nor do we call the Monterey Bay Aquarium home, sad to say. A bevy of real honest-to-whiskers sea otters do, however, and staffers treated the resident raft to some brightly hued sweets a few days ahead of Christmas. Well, the "sweets" weren't chocolate cookies or cinnamon fudge: They were ice treats, which are a-ok for the otter diet, but they weren't strictly frozen water: The treats boasted a slathering of minced clam zing. 

AND MINCED CLAMS... are some of an otter's mostest favoritest things ever. Have any doubts about that? Then check out the video of the otters spying the tree- and candy cane-shaped treats and them pulling them into the water for some quality gnawing-upon time. 

WANT MORE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN LIFE? The Cannery Row-based aquarium has a busy calender of 2015 doings, including daily sea otter feedings at 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. If you can't wait, you can check out the live cam spotlighting the sea otters right this very second, or you can watch them discover their yummy minced-clam-ice holiday treats below.

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