Monterey Tides ‘Light My Fire' Package

Enjoy a sandy bonfire with your sweetheart at your side.

WHEN DAYDREAMING... about an ocean-awesome getaways, your wandering mind likely alights upon a few different in-the-future features. You'll want a large sun hat, and some flip-flops, and a juicy book, most probably. You'll long to see some sea birds, and a memorable sunset, and perhaps a sand castle or two (even a castle that's partially washed away by the surf, which makes it all the more romantic). And could there be a beach bonfire? Well... that can be rather trickier than finding a pair of flip-flops that fit, for bonfires on the sand require a few steps, and they have to be in an okay'd spot, and you may not have the wood... You get it. There's some effort that goes into finding your crackling, surf-close spot, but a package at the Monterey Tides Hotel does away with the "effort" end of things and puts you and your paramour right there, on the sand, near the Pacific, as the flames do their salty-air'd dance. It's all part of the...

LIGHT MY FIRE PACKAGE, and your stay at the Monterey Bay getaway includes both a bonfire kit and the all-important s'mores kits, for everyone knows that when a bonfire is present, melty marshmallow sticky dessert fun must be present, too. The package also includes a $100 credit at the hotel (it's for eats and drinks, specifically) and a bottle of sparkling wine. Where's the Joie de Vivre inn located? It's a short drive to Fisherman's Wharf and the aquarium, in case you need a break from the sand scene. A short break, of course, for once you've settled in a few feet from the waves, "settling out" can be a bit of challenge. Better stick close to your bonfire and have another s'more.

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