Monterey Tides: Mermaid Month

September makes a charming splash at the ocean-close hotel.

CELEBRATING THE MAIN MERMAID IN YOUR LIFE? There are many ways to plan that particular, and particularly charming, party. You'll probably want to travel very far out on to the ocean, to begin with, and then swim deep beneath the waves, to where the mermaids congregate, and you'll want to show up with a whole host of mermaid-merry decorations (shells, seaweed, sand) and mermaid-ready tunes (whale song, the percussion of two coconuts clicking, dolphin clicks). If that all sounds a bit time-intensive, and you think you can probably make it to the edge of the ocean, well, there is still a route to honoring those mermaids among us. Monterey Tides, a Joie de Vivre hotel, will be spotlighting the superstars of the waves all September long, during...

MERMAID MONTH... at the Pacific-adjacent destination. You won't need to wriggle into your own mermaid suit to join in; rather, you'll simply need to book the package, which includes a caboodle of quintessential mermaidian goods. These important accessories include "...a mermaid hair brush, a jar of mermaid tears, the popular mermaid tail blanket, and a themed coloring book and crayons for kids." Before you've snuggled into that blanket, before you begin brushing your water-flowing locks, you'll want to sip a welcome cocktail that's also themed to the mermaid magic of the month. The rate for the Mermaid Month package? It starts at $269. While we'd never sway you from boating out onto the sea, and then venturing to the ocean floor with a mermaid mixtape and mermaid decorations and chip 'n dip in hand, flicking your tail and finding your way to Monterey Tides sounds like just the whimsical ticket, a lovely route to diving into the mysterious heart of Mermaid Month.

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