Moon Over the Marin County Fair's Cosmic Theme

The celebration will include a number of tributes to the moon landing's big 50th.

THE MOON? It has been present at every county fair, ever. Oh, sure, there may occasionally be some heavy cloud cover over the midway, but you can bet a certain lunar satellite is on the other side of those clouds, lending some glow. But, as a rule, the moon isn't invited to join any county fairs. It's too large, for starters, and will eclipse — heh — all of the exciting offerings a county fair typically boasts. But the Marin County Fair, that charmer of a San Rafael-based celebration, is changing it up for 2019. Organizers didn't lasso our nighttime sky friend, nor send out an engraved invitation by rocket, nope. But...

THE MOON IS THE THEME... of the July 3 through 7 affair, oh sweet joy. And there's really no mystery as to why: The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is on fast and notable approach, and the fair wants to honor the big moment. How will it do that, particularly? Attendees, once they've called upon their favorite midway rides, or a concert or two, can zoom for The Space Station Museum to eye a host of out-of-this-world artifacts (or, yes, of-this-world artifacts, but artifacts very much built around space explorations). Look also for the exhibits themed to the moon, "including decorated moons and paper moons," if artistic expression is what pleases you most. And will there be a virtual reality adventure that's very much about heading to the moon? It will be, with its own whimsical, fair-cute spin.

FOR TICKETS, TIMES, FIREWORKS, and all of the merry stuff that makes up the very merry Marin County Fair, pilot your own spaceship over to this site now.

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