Morgan Hill Mushroom Festival to Sizzle Soon

The famous fungi is at the heart of this two-day to-do.

SO MANY DISHES... are comprised of a "pinch of this" and a "dash of that" and "some more of the thing we just added a pinch of" and "an extra amount of this other ingredient we totally forgot about before, like, three seconds ago." But there are those foodstuffs that are so full of character, so rich and distinctive and packed with incredible mouth-feel and aroma, that there is absolutely no random pinching nor dashing: They're the foods that begin and end the dish. The mushroom is just such a superstar, and a mushy, which is what we'll call a mushroom maven for the remainder of this post, with affection, would never dream of not beginning a portobello burger or a stroganoff without starting with the beloved fungi. Where, though, might you find others who know that the mushroom should be at centerstage during a meal's creation? That it isn't just an add-in or a topper for later on, before the casserole or pasta hits the oven? Feel the relief, mushies, for Morgan Hill is here to address our mushroom-based longings. And on...

MAY 26 AND 27, the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, the Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras will return to the downtown area with food, tunes, and stroll-worthy sights. It's free to enter, hurrah hurrah, but if you want something mushroom-riffic, something from the soup family, the sandwich family, the deep-fried end of the family tree, and so forth, you'll want to show with money (no surprise there). There's wine tasting, too, and many a mushy knows that perfect merlot goes well with a mushroom-stuffed omelet (or the mushroom-stuffed edible of your choice). To read all of the delish doings around Morgan Hill, check in here before early May becomes late May. How many mushroom-yummy foods will you eat between now and Morgan Hill? "Lots" is an acceptable answer for any fungi fan. Or, rather, a mushy, a most endearing nickname for a devotee of an enduring icon of great cuisine.

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