Morro Bay Getaway: Vintage Trailer Rally

Canned Hams and Airstreams make for the Big Rock.

THE DRIVE-PAST: There are vase collectors who ponder how many attics -- or, nowadays, storage lockers -- hold the exact make of vase they like to collect. Painting lovers think the same, as do people who devote their lives to mantel chime clocks, 19th-century porcelain dolls, and any other fairly compact and collectible item that has a way of staying inside attics and basements, much to the chagrin, and longing, of the fans who have a passion for finding (and owning) them. But people obsessed with vintage trailers? Their longings are a bit more public; they only need to drive by a house to see a trailer sitting outside, next to the back gate. That trailer might be in good shape, or not, but it always has a way of stoking the fire in a fan, the fire to find the cutest, most character-filled, most road-worthy trailer. That inner fire is happily aflame at Stranded in Morro Bay, a vintage trailer rally headed for the town by the Big Rock. Nope, it isn't a sale, so you can put your trailer-coveting ways away, retro lovers. But you can enjoy the Canned Hams and Airstreams and other overnighters that set up shop over the three days, and meet people who share your vintage trailer passion, too.

THE DETAILS: Morro Bay State Park is the place, and if we didn't say it was dang pretty, well, we'd be sore at ourselves. The camp-out and trailer showing-off is the fun heart of the fall weekend, but so is a Night of Tastings. Picture yourself sipping from a dozen breweries and wineries, which is a dang pretty picture, when paired with all of the trailer-relaxing goodness. A Saturday barbecue lunch, music, and general outdoorsy socializing are part of the trailer-minded get-together. Dates? Thursday, Oct. 16 through Saturday, Oct. 18. Vintage trailers and wine lovers? Out in force. The Tinker Tin Trailer Co., which is based in the Central Coast but rents trailers throughout the Golden State? In the house. Your dreams of driving past a house with your ideal trailer sitting out on cinderblocks? Well, it could happen, and you could buy it, and you could restore it to its past glory. Figure that unlike other treasures, vintage trailers are typically on display, and almost never locked away in attics. Lucky you, if that's your passion.

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