Morro Bay Guacs It Up

The seaside burg devotes a weekend to a piquant, perfect twosome.


SORRY, PB&J: Things that regularly arrive in twos are very often known by their initials or some other name-shortening, get-it-to-the-mouth quicker device. Look no further than G&T -- yep, Gin & Tonic, of course -- or PB&J, a sandwich so beloved that we don't need to break out all of the necessary symbols when we want it for lunch. So why isn't there a G&M? Or M&G? Because it is a rare day when one sees a massive bowl of guacamole, all avocado chunks and cilantro bits and salsa flecks, without spying a margarita glass in its immediate vicinity. We know, we know: Beer goes well with guac, too, and a bevy of soft drinks and iced tea. But margies and guac go wayback, about as wayback as edible twosomes go, meaning that they even sport cutesy nicknames (a high honor in the food world). We're hoping that M&G catch on, as a name-shortening, and we hope it begins in Morro Bay, which is home to the annual Avocado & Margarita Festival each late summer. In fact, this year's festival, which lands on Saturday, Sept. 14 and Sunday, Sept. 15, is about as late-summery as you can get. A good send-off, right?

ON THE TASTY SKED: Well, guacamole and margaritas (spoiler alert), plus lots of other good things to snack upon. You could also win a year's supply of avocados, so you best start thinking about what you might do. Make guacamole every day, of course, but you could also do a few hair masks and protein shakes. Arts, crafts, tunes, and other festival-y things'll go down around the Embarcadero, which, let's be truthful here, is one of our state's prettiest stretches. (Famous Morro Rock just beyond is a big plus there.) So, lovers of the lime and tequila and avocado and tomato: Can you take up the banner on this one? Patronize festivals that are about your favorite drink and food, yes, but can you start using "M&G" in daily conversation? We're counting on you.

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