Morro Bay’s Exceptional April

A citywide yard sale, a kite festival, and 50th anniversary to-dos? You betcha.

Morro Bay Kite Festival

SEASIDE BURG: We rather like our quaint ocean-snug towns to be a bit laid-back, a bit easy, rather breezy, and full of colorful wind socks, taverns with copious outdoor seating, and a great view. No hustle or bustle, thank you very much. So when we say that Morro Bay has a rather busy April ahead, you can take heart, and feel relief, that the charmer of a rock-close village won't be giving up all that makes it so dang Morro-Bay-y. Nope, it just has a few hopping happenings, but hopping Morro Bay-style. Want to know more? Then read on about...

CITYWIDE YARD SALE: This one's growing increasingly more well-known, and for good reason: Not all that many cities go full garage- or sidewalk-sale. Sure, neighborhoods or streets might, but Morro Bay is one of the few towns to go all-in. Need to find a funky old pair of jeans and a lamp to match? Be there on Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6.

MORRO BAY KITE FESTIVAL: Hoo boy. You can photograph a fluttering kite with most anything in the background, but Morro Rock? That kind of snapshot is just made for framing. Haul out your own string-sweet creation if you like for some fly time, or just swing by to watch. Everything goes down, or, um, up, over the final weekend in April.

HAPPY 50TH, MORRO BAY! And it happens to be the half century mark for the town, which was incorporated a half century ago. We know, we know, the mondo rock out in the water is a wee bit older -- and it is actually a volcanic plug, truly, right? -- but the beautiful town came together, all official-like, in the mid-60s. Lively doings'll go on throughout 2014.

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