Mountain Trio: Ski/Bike/Golf Challenge

It's an everything-at-once time of year up at Mammoth.

THREE ACTIVITIES, ONE DAY: If you're visiting a high-altitude location in January, chances are very good that a pair of long fiberglass gliders are attached to your feet via some sturdy boots. If you're in that same high-altitude spot in August, you've probably got a nine iron in your hand, or perhaps a pair of handlebars. So is there ever a time of year when skiing, golfing, and cycling can dovetail, magically, all in basically the same general area? You'd have to look at the cusp of the summer and winter seasons to see, but there's no need to look too far: Mammoth Mountain traditionally offers a trio of alfresco activities over Memorial Day Weekend, when there's some snow still about but short sleeves are possible. It's the Ski/Bike/Golf Challenge, and it costs ninety bucks to experience all three activities in the course of a day.

THAT'S $99 TO SCHUSS... and club-swing and maybe pop a wheelie, if you feel like you can schedule your hours accordingly, and not get too enamored with any one pursuit (meaning you stay with that one pursuit all day long, which is kind of cool, too, if you're having a ball). Your ski lift ticket is included in that price (or board ticket, if that's your preference), as is your bike park pass and a 9-hole round at Sierra Star Golf Course. Can you do it all in a single day? You can, if you rise/shine in an early manner. Can you save money by doing this? Oh yes (think 50% off). Are there other times of the year where winter and summer pastimes weave together quite as neatly? This is the prime weekend, at least 'round Mammoth. Check out the full deal and start burnishing your golf/ski/cycle skillz, pronto. Offer is good from May 27 to May 30.

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