Mountain View Vroom: Ferrari Picnic

Dozens of gleaming machines zoom for Shoreline Lake.

FERRARI GATHERING SPOTS: Where is one most likely to see a gleaming dream machine? As in, a classic or new Ferrari in shiny, spectacular form? A spy thriller, perhaps. Maybe a convention center during a major auto show. Or an exotic locale, on the main freeway, cruising along in elegant form. But finding a clutch -- meaning a few dozen, give or take -- Ferraris at a peaceful lakeside location is a bit more offbeat. And yet? It's a lovely summer setting, and Ferraris are just about impressing; they also convey their driver to pleasurable spots, which do, on occasion, include lakes. And many a Ferrari enthusiast shall point their iconic vehicle towards Mountain View and Shoreline Lake Aquatic Center on Sunday, July 27. It's the Ferrari Club of America Pacific Region's annual picnic, and you can count on many a classic and new car sidling up to the lake, or at least to a nearby spot.

NOT SIMPLY ABOUT THE CARS: There's a barbecue picnic lunch (open to members only, so be sure to pack your own picnic if you're swing by to admire the cars), and games and pursuits on the water and grass -- think paddle-boarding, biking, and canoeing -- but the day will be very much about giving some of the gleamiest automobiles around the full-on lookie-loo. (You've seen the full-on lookie-loo when a bunch of cars of similar type are gathered in one spot. There's leaning over, there are hands on hips, there is much discussing of dashboards and hubcaps. Want to soak in some Ferrari goodness? Be at the lake on July 27.

MORE ACTIVITIES: And if you're just headed to the pretty water spot for some family chillaxing, there are to-dos on all the time, fancy car picnic or not. For the full rundown, turn your canoe this way.

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