MOXI: Santa Barbara’s Newest Museum

The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation makes a stylish debut.


WILING AWAY A DAY... in a city that isn't your own can involve a few different components. You'll seek out sustenance during your getaway, probably from a place you've visited before and adored or a new spot that is getting the raves. You'll want to take in some views, or nature, or fresh air, probably, and to cap it all off? You'll want a cultural, big-of-mind, big-of-heart experience, the sort of connection that can and does often happen at a museum. So many California cities have awesome repositories of knowledge and ideas, from towns with a historical center to the major metropolises and their art-cool destinations. Now a spot that is flush with fantastic attractions of the aforementioned big-of-mind, big-of-heart sorts has a new place for visitors and locals alike to learn, explore, see: It's MOXI The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, which just made its debut at the very close of February.

WHAT IS MOXI? It's got a devotion to both "science and creativity" at its very core. The exhibits are interactive, and involve all of the awesome tenets and notions behind S.T.E.A.M. (that's science, technology, engineering, art, and math, of course). There's a Giant Guitar that invites visitors on an aural-awesome journey, and a Light Track which is all about the hues and shades that enrich our world. Where to find it? It's on State Street, close to the tracks, which means you can Amtrak it in, if that's your preference. For more on MOXI's science-focused moxie, and all of the cool kid- and adult-nifty things to do at Santa Barbara's newest learning institution, clickity click.

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