Napa Porchfest

Picture an open-house type day, but with porches and tunes.

Napa Porchfest

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (TM): When we think of what we like to do on a perfect Sunday afternoon, it usually involves a) fresh air b) music and c) no cash. Those are the building blocks. Sure, you can throw a nap in if you like, or the consuming of a lemony beverage, but if you keep close to the outdoors, tunes, and not spending money, you're gold. Our one amendment? If your activity has loads of charm, that's a plus. The Napa Porchfest has the charm, and it is all about the a), b), and c), too. What's the upshot? Several musicians will gather on several of Napa's historic porches -- picture verandas and quaint, step-front'd settings -- and strum away a Sunday afternoon, all for the pleasure of passersby. It has the memorable moniker of Napa Porchfest.

WHAT'S TO KNOW: Well, the hours and date would be good: Porchfest hits the guitars and such from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 29. Also, everything is going down in "historic Napa neighborhoods," so you'll want to keep a watch at the Porchfest site to see if there's more map-like information as the day draws nearer.

MORE PORCHFESTS: Honestly, why isn't every neighborhood doing their own Porchfest this summer? It doesn't have to be solely about the easy-breezy jamming. There's could be a Porchfest where people orate from their porches. Or give away free frozen treats. Or, going one further, there could be Porchswingfest, where we can all walk around and sit on strangers'  porch swings for a few minutes, idly passing the summer's day. Are you feeling it? Stress level dropping already.

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