Napa Valley Arts in April: Lodging Specials

Heading up for the month-long ode to all sorts of artistic endeavors? Eye a pair of stay-over deals.

GOOD ART, THEN A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP: Whether viewing some particularly spectacular artworks energizes you or depletes you, in the best sense, is likely up to the individual viewer. Anecdotal evidence says that both sensations happen, in turn, over the course of a single day. You see some paintings you connect with and your mind, and heart, are suddenly filled with fabulous notions and imagery. But, an hour or two later, you almost need a nap, or rest, from all the goodness you've taken in over such a short period. Call it a paradox or just putting your all into art enjoyment, if you will, but the fact of the matter is this: You'll need a solid snooze at some point following your gallery visit or sculpture garden stroll. It's something to ponder if you're planning to call upon...

ARTS IN APRIL... in Napa Valley, that month-big, gallery-filled, winery-tastic happening that spotlights a number of regional artists and shows. Spend a full afternoon bopping around from place to place, admiring photography or pottery or paintings, and you're bound to want to take to a bed, a least for an eyes-shut hour or two. That's where the lodging specials of the valley come in, a pair of stay-the-night deals that entice art aficionados to make an overnight of it in wine country. The Meritage Resort and Spa has a package on in April called "The Art of Relaxation," one that comes, charmingly, with some art supplies for the guest (just in case the guest is inspired by all the art seen around the valley). A welcome bottle of sparkling wine, a spa credit, and other nice things await. And over at The Blackbird Inn, in downtown Napa? Stay two nights and score 15-percent off, plus a pair of passes to art-themed events. You'll want the details on both, so ring ahead, for sure. And plan for that unusual dual feeling of being both energized, and craving a lovely nap, that comes after intense art-viewing. It's one of the paradoxical pleasures of finding a painting you can't tear yourself from (feeling invigorated and then sweetly sleepy).

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