Napa Valley: Arts in April

The "most creative month" on the creative region's calendar boasts gallery shows, special events, more.

WINE COUNTRY TRUE FACT: A traveler with an open schedule almost never "spends" time strolling around a pretty Napa Valley village; rather, one whiles away their afternoon in a delicious, let's-look-around fashion. For Napa Valley is one of the most while-away-rich regions in the state, an area that not only offers wineries and restaurants aplenty but places to see things, too. Those places often fall under the "gallery" header, but they also might include sculpture-filled courtyards and gardens. The upshot here? Art and N.V. are a longtime dream team, regardless of what the calendar might say. But should the calendar say "April" then you know that the stretch of towns along Highway 29, and beyond the road, too, will being staging a host of art-focused, painting-beautiful, come-and-enjoy events. For that's...

ARTS IN APRIL TIME, and the month-long happening is again ready to stretch its wings, and line up the wine glasses, and spotlight the sculptures, over four weeks. There's a plethora of parties and events to comb through, with 40 goings-on ahead, but consider putting Arts in the Streets in St. Helena on your must-do roster — that's on Saturday, April 15 — or FLOW: Arts at the River in Napa, which rounds out the whole caboodle of creative soirees on the final day of the month. But maybe the way to go is to check out all of the Arts in April events to see if one piques your personal interest and coincides with a valley visit you have planned. Are you ready to do some whiling away, Napa Valley-style? There probably is no month finer than the fourth 'n fabulous month of the year.

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