Napa Valley History Tours

Find out the riveting stories behind some of your go-to wineries.

Ehlers Estate

VINE-DEEP AND DELECTABLE: If a place isn't simply a place but a reflection of the true-life tales and rollicking myths and larger-than-life characters in its past, then Napa Valley is a real humdinger. The legendary grape-growing region boasts long-ago yarns that run deep, deep as old vine roots in yielding ground. But anyone driving by the wineries and hotels and foodie landmarks dotting the verdant stretch can tell that; the buildings weren't built yesterday or even in the last decade, or few decades, for the most part. There are castles and shadowy wine caves and trees so gnarly and grand you can almost hear the laughter of 19th-century picnickers when you stand nearby. Knowing the history of Napa Valley, then, and not just its labels or best Cabernets or most interesting modern-day vintners, is part of the fuller story of one heck of a full place. The Napa Valley History Tour is spending four June days delving into some of the aforementioned characters and beginnings at a number of vineyards and winehouses, as well as Downtown Napa, too. Are you ready to have some of the corners of your memory filled in, the better to regale your wine-loving companions with on your next road trip into winetastingland? Then Napa-out from...

JUNE 10 THROUGH 13: Not only will artisan chefs be on hand, cooking and crafting and creating delectable bites (touring is an activity in need of fortifying substances after all), the locations you'll go, or locations within those locations, will be new to you, most likely. "You will have the chance to visit places not usually open to the public while being hosted by some of the valley's most knowledgeable tour guides," says the HQ. So where will you roam, with your proverbial magnifying glass out and learning cap on? Beyond Downtown Napa, the four-day history-tacular will head to the Hess Collection, the Ehlers Estate, Missouri Hopper Vineyard, Nichelini Winery, Schramsberg Winery, Trinchero Napa Valley, and Yount Mill Road.

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