Neon Noël: Christmas on the Wharf

Making merry in Monterey? Check out some of the added glimmer at the water-adjacent landmark.

SAUNTER ALONG OLD FISHERMAN'S WHARF... in Monterey on any night of the year and you'll see plenty of glow, thanks to those famous neon signs that dot the Pacific-adjacent thoroughfare. You can probably draw the Old Fisherman's Grotto signage from memory, given how long it has been a glimmery part of the wharf, and The Grotto Fish Market has a lively light-the-night sign that sticks with a person, too. What happens, though, when a lot of fresh lights are added, for a limited time, to a walk-around spot that's already got a lot of shimmer when then sun drops, glug glug, into the Pacific? Well, then, you've got...

CHRISTMAS ON THE WHARF, which will continue to add oomph to the already oomph-y spot through Sunday, Dec. 17. There's the "majestic lit Christmas tree" and the decorations to be found throughout the restaurants and shops along the wharf, and there are appearances from Santa Claus, too. On the weekend, carolers stop by, and there's music, too, only upping the yuletide-tastic atmosphere. The only question that remains, of course, is, what carol...

DO OTTERS LIKE BEST? They are, after all, pretty close by the famous landmark, as a rule, and they surely can admire the lights, and hear the songs, from their spots out in the water. If you need some otter time, and you don't see any chilling near the wharf, keep in mind that Cannery Row, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, is but a 10- to 15-minute stroll away from all of the holiday hubbub (but, yes, Cannery Row offers more holiday hubbub to enjoy, you bet).

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