Nevada City's Colorfully Haunting October

Eerie decorations and foliage-amazing trees add delight to the historic hamlet.

WHERE DOES AUTUMN LIVE? On a calendar, in the Northern Hemisphere, you can point to the second half of September, and all of October, and all of November, and some of December, too, and accurately make a claim that fall may be found within those dates. But if you needed an actual address, like, a place with a zip code, you might be more hard-pressed, even cider-pressed, to specify autumn's exact location. Of course, if you picked Nevada City as one potential place, well, few people who know the Gold Country town would dare quibble with your pretty perfect suggestion. For autumn does keep company with the historic hamlet, and that fact is on full display come October, when early Halloween decorations are vying with the changing trees for the eyes of visitors and locals alike.

LOVE RED FOLIAGE? Nevada City has plenty, which isn't always the case in California, a state that easily rocks the golds, yellows, and even oranges, but fewer reds than other foliage-lovely spots. Where exactly to go, though, to see these crimsons and pinks and oaky yellows and more? The Chamber of Commerce suggests, if you're craving a drive outside of Nevada City, the Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway, a route that boasts both plentiful aspens at the upper reaches as well as "historic mining villages," too. And, in town, there are many handsome trees to be seen around the main section. A Victorian California Fall Colors Tour begins at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce. As for those sorta-spooky...

HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS... seen in yards around town? A meandering walk will take you by plenty of tree ghosts and door goblins through the remainder of October. Look for the Broad Street Inn's sweet seasonal decorations for starters, and make your way to the Outside Inn, which always goes to town in the Halloween-theming department, each and every year. But legging it in most any direction around Nevada City will take the yard haunt fan by some notable gravestones, witches, and monster-fun décor.

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