New at Garlic Fest: The Garlic Festival Mule

The icy, zingy mule doesn't have garlic in it, but it should be highly refreshing.

SLAKING THAT SPICE: When it is warm out, in temperature, and warm out, on your plate, as in the spicy vittles you're eagerly devouring, how do you satisfyingly slake your thirst? Just about ever pepper person out there, and self-described chilehead, and those people ga-ga over garlic, have their methods when it comes to liquid refreshment. And some sizzle-seeking eaters wait a moment, and then another, as the heat in their mouth starts to burn off, and water then can be chugged (yes, chugged, if that chile was properly fiery). If you're 21, or over, and you like a summery, refreshing, icy-chill cocktail, you've probably found that mules are very firmly in the "ahhhh, so good" camp. True, there is ginger beer in a traditional mule, which continues the spice theme, but the lime and ice bring deliver the cool-down. Which makes a mule a perfect adult beverage for the...

GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL, which will again turn up the burners, and put the pans on the stoves, and throw down clove after clove for some top-notch cuisine. Cuisine that will be complemented, for many festival attendees, by the newest drink at the festival, the Garlic Festival Mule. Nope, there's no garlic in this — think classic mule — but there is Absolute Vodka as the spirited star. And the mug? It's commemorative, so you'll get to take that shiny find home. Plan on noodling it up, and nacho-ing out, and eating every last garlic-slathered item you can find? Here's your drink, if you're over 21, festival fan. Just line up your designated driver, then line up all the garlicky goodies you'll revel in by perusing the festival's Gourmey Alley page. The dates, by the by? Everything's coming up bulbs over the final Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in July 2018.

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