New Learning Fun at Lindsay Wildlife

Guinea pig health check-ups, backyard themed displays, and more debut in Walnut Creek.

'TIS THE SEASON... to be outdoors more, thanks to warmer daytime temps and various wildflowers and those celebrated spring breezes, the kind of breezes that poets have written odes to for centuries. We're all looking for a way to connect with nature regardless of the date on the calendar, but spring break, and the coming of summertime, inspires us to make that connection a priority. The Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek can definitely help we humans on the nature-connection front, thanks in large part to its latest exhibit (and first exhibit "in more than three years"). It's called "What's Wild--What's Not," and it explores the important idea that wild animals definitely belong in the wild (no matter how much we might coo over online pictures of baby eaglets or wee foxes). There's a backyard theme to the explorations, and several parts of the display look at both pets (and how they shouldn't be out in the wild) and wildlife (and how wild animals are very cute but not meant to live in human abodes). The activities of the new exhibit, which debuts...

IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, will include "Petting Time" with certain beasties, a guinea pig health check-up, a wall that poses questions about what might be wild (and what isn't), and other fun, learn-ready to-dos. One part that is sure to elicit much comment from below are the clear tubes above the exhibit, tubes where little rats may run overhead. It's all nifty, mind-growing stuff, and it gives both kids and grown-ups a wider perspective on supporting and loving wildlife from a respectful distance while cuddling and caring for those animals who share our homes, beds, and, yes, sometimes our bacon and burgers, too. So, what's wild and what's not? Discover the differences, and have a great time doing so, as these pretty spring days encourage all to exist in a more alfresco, outdoor-ready mindset.

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