Noms + Noms: Napa Valley Film Festival

The famous movie party has the noms (food and wine) and potential award nominees, too.

THERE ARE NOMS... in this world, as in nominees, as those people or places or concepts or things that have been nominated for an award. And there are also noms, as in delicious treats and snacks and beverages, and while this more recent terminology can't quite claim the historic lineage of the other version of nom, it is a widely employed term nowadays. So whether you nom, as in follow potential film nominees during the early awards season, or you nom, as in eating and drinking, there is one major party to keep in mind, a celebration that covers both ends of the nom-focused spectrum. It's the...

NAPA VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL, a big bash of cinematic love, top-notch cabs and chards, and bites drizzled and be-cheesed and ready for devouring. Plus there is hobnobbing, and scenic things to do, and everything good, if you love movies, gorgeous wine country settings, and hanging around other foodies and sippies who also dig checking out the current film landscape. And that landscape will come to full flower, around the NV, from...

NOV. 7 THROUGH 11: On the big screen? So many choices, but "A Private War," "At Eternity's Gate," "Capernaum," "Vox Lux," and "Green Book" are some of the 2018 headliners. The opportunities to eat elegant vittles abound, too, with Variety's 10 Chefs to Watch serving as one appetizing centerpiece among several. And the vino-cool events? Head to the festival's Down-Valley and Up-Valley Hubs, where a line-up of winemakers'll be pouring some of their top-notch offerings. 

NOMS AND NOMS? They're all right here, over five fab days, in beautiful and ever-tasty Napa Valley.

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