North Tahoe's Human-Powered Sports Tips

Paddleboarding, mountain biking, and yoga get the love in a new photo-filled ebook.

THERE WAS A DAY... not too long ago when every outdoor activity we engaged was human-powered. Maybe not fully human-powered, across the spectrum -- dog-sledding and horseback riding and other animal-person pursuits, of course, require effort beyond our own -- but the vroom-vroom of vehicles and battery-operated anythings was still a ways in the future. And while it can be fun to rumble on a wheeler over bumps and humps, putting our own back into an under-the-sun enterprise is a pleasure that has been around for as long as humans have engaged in play. (Which is, of course, has been around for an impressivly long time.) To help us out with connecting to those human-powered sports options, as they go down around North Lake Tahoe, there is a fresh ebook detailing fresh-air'd go-outs. There are some eight options in all, starting with...

SUP YOGA: If you're deep into your yoga practice and you have a taste for paddleboarding, you likely know about this yoga-paddleboard hybrid. The word "balancing" is a term much used in both pursuits, and it couldn't be more apt here; balance is key to not getting wet (or too wet, rather). Some local pointers are given, like where to find SUP classes -- Mountain Lotus Yoga offers 'em -- and where to find that perfectly pretty shoreline for blissing out.

AS FOR THE OTHER SEVEN SPORTS? Ebooky tips, local shops, and suggested routes are shared for the full range of mountain biking, road biking, aerial fabrics, paddleboarding, disc golf, and hiking. Ready to put your back and shoulders and some sweat into it? Start here.

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