Northern California Renaissance Faire

Northern California Renaissance Faire

OUR PLAN: If you know and love Casa de Fruta -- and we think you do -- then you'll likely nod in agreement when you hear about our plan to live inside the Hollister-based roadside wonder. That's right. Inside Casa de Fruta. Actually, we'd like to live on the second level of the merry-go-round out back, but really, we'll take any available space. Because. Casa de Fruta. Soft rolling hills in every direction, lots of wine, and all the snackable goodies known to humankind. Plus a merry-go-round. It's the perfect everything for the ideal domestic set-up. So when we heard that people in Elizabethan gowns and knee breeches would be showing up there on Saturday, Sept. 17 -- that's the opening day of the Northern California Renaissance Faire -- we did a jig. Because what's more perfect than Casa de Fruta, which is already perfect? Casa de Fruta PLUS a Renaissance festival. It's like getting jelly beans on top of your sprinkles on top of your ice cream.

THE WHAT HO HAPS: The festival dates are Saturday, Sept. 17 through Sunday, Oct. 16 (weekends only). There will be Celtic Rock Concerts and theme weekends, says the poster. Costumes galore. Ribald flirting. Jousts and jests. Booths to buy things like leather-bound niceties and ribbon-bedecked fripperies. And general, high-spirited merriment circa several centuries back. Huzzah to all that. Huge huzzah.

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