Now Open: Boreal Mountain

A flurry of California ski spots are welcoming guests, including the Truckee-snug resort.

Boreal Mountain

A STARK CHANGE OF SEASON: It's, like, totally freaky. One day we were all just trying to figure out something to wear on Halloween, a costume that would be clever and topical and memorable, but a costume we wouldn't sweat too much in, because, you know, Halloween around much of the state can sometimes lean warmer than cooler. And then, days later, bam: A cold front calls upon various peaks and mountain ranges around California, at the very start of November, and suddenly ski resorts and tubing mountains and ice rinks are hustling into quick action, the better to revel in all of the surprise flakeage. Well, the snow flakes weren't exactly a surprise, thanks to the modern technology of weather forecasting, but for many a Californian the quick switch from warm-ish kinda fall to almost-winter autumn has been weird and most welcome. Most welcoming of all, though, are the people currently schussing down the slopes at Boreal Mountain, the Truckee resort that kicked off its season with an early opening day of Friday, Nov. 6.

THIS COMES A DAY AHEAD... of the resort's 2014 opening day, and skiers can thank that massive wallop that passed across the Sierra earlier in the week (Boreal revealed that "it's dumping here and we're feeling it!!! Literally!!! What a magical morning" on Nov. 2.) Boreal Mountain joins Mt. Rose, "First Resort Open in Lake Tahoe!" and Mammoth Mountain (first open in California, with a Nov. 5 opening date) as one of the trio of destinations kicking off November with running lifts and several inches of the frosty white stuff. 

TO SAY A CHUFFED FEELING... is in the air at the Golden State's ski resorts is an understatement, especially considering the snow, or lack of, over the winter of 2014-2015. El Niño and early openings are much on the minds of winter sports lovers, so keep on keepin' on, snow-making clouds. Up over the next couple of weeks: The opening of many Tahoe-close resorts, and then, in Yosemite, Badger Pass.

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