Offbeat R & R: Kate’s Lazy Desert

Retreat to a trailer-sweet dream in the Mojave Desert.

Kate's Lazy Desert

TRAILER-RIFFIC DREAMLAND: If the desert, as in the whole desert, as in, say, the Mojave, received an invitation to a hoedown, a real jamboree, who do you think the desert might ask to be their partner? If you said "winter" that's a really fine guess. For those two ideas — desert and winter — have long been paired in many a vacationer's mind as the optimal place and time of year for a sunshiny sojourn that's not too cold. Of course, devotees of creosote and lizards and big skies would rightly argue that any ol' time is ideal desert time, even the height of summer, which brings its own intense beauty to the scrubby lunarscape. Still, winter doesn't see three-digit highs, and it is even a bit brisk at night, making a Mojave idyll in the heart of January or February utterly desirable. If you're looking to commune with the desert, and you always welcome a merry dose of kitsch, load up your wood-paneled station wagon and roll out for...

KATE'S LAZY DESERT: If you know your B-52s, you know that Ms. Kate Pierson is the co-proprietress of both Kate's Lazy Meadow in New York and Kate's Lazy Desert outside of Joshua Tree (along with her partner Monica Coleman and their bevy of pretty pups). This means some of the zow and eye-pop-a-tude synonymous with the iconic band can be found at Kate's Lazy Desert, a clutch of stylish trailers that each boast their own zingy vibe. Look for the Tiki, which includes a bevy of bright masks, and Hot Lava, which is like snuggling inside your own lava lamp, thanks to the red oozy dots found on the walls and ceiling. And Hairstream may have you thinking about finally getting that foot-tall bouffant you've been longing for. The swirliness of the trailers' style and the epicness of the outside desert complement each other, the eye candy and the eye rest. It's a solid combo to savor in wintertime, or any time of the year, even when it is hot, or not, or that exquisite in-between temperature that a desert afternoon seems to do so well. Settle into an old-school patio chair outside your trailer, the aluminum kind with the soft webbing back and seat, and connect with that singular Mojave magic (a magic that can be accessed summer, winter, fall or spring).

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