Oh Sweet Guac, It’s the Fallbrook Avocado Fest

Slice it up, mash it, make a smoothie: The huge springtime lark is nearly here.


SAYING YOU'RE WEARING AVOCADO? That can mean a few different things, of course. It might mean that your clothing is rocking a certain olive shade that became popular in kitchen design around 1972 (and why it hasn't come back into full fashion remains a mystery). It could mean that you've been enthusiastically devouring a bowl of guacamole, only to find that much of the creamy dip has ended up down the front of your shirt. But, if you're at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival, a long-running springtime lark, it probably means that, yes, you're actually dressed like a full-on alligator pear. For the festival, which has been around for three decades, plus three years on top of that, can inspire avo aficionados to gussy up in their guac-iest get-ups. Of course, if you don't have an orb-shaped outfit, no worries. You can wear what you like at the...

SUNDAY, APRIL 14... affair. It's a big affair, too, with thousands turning out to devour interesting guacs, listen to live bands, and enjoy the warm-of-weather whimsy. And the whimsy grows stronger at the Best Dressed Avocado Contest, where, yes, tiny-ish avocados may be seen sporting tuxedos or other wee costumes. There are a number of happenings related to the green and luscious fruit, which actually has a couple of Golden State parties thrown in its flavorful honor each year. But to savor the one in spring, you'll want to go Fallbrook. Another tidbit that's as tasty as avocado toast? Entry is free. And, nope, you won't need to wear avocado, either the hue or the fruit, to enjoy that nice no-admission perk.

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