Old Sac Sweets: Chocolate Week

Join a Choc-la-trivia session or sample chocolate/wine pairings.

BEYOND THE BUNNY EARS: Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter are three of the biggest holidays on the celebration-focused calendar, for many heartwarming, family-come-together, feel-the-love reasons. They also tend to be a bit food-oriented, as many of our favorite holidays are, and while they all have their differences in the dining arena, they share a single sweet that symbolizes the complete trio: chocolate. From the chocolate Santas at the yuletide, to the chocolate bunnies of springtime, to the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate caramels, our happiest get-togethers are rather ruled by the cocoa-licious treat. But after Easter wraps up, and all of those bunny-eared confections hop, hop, hop out of the stores, what comes next for the those who need their deep, dessert-y pleasures each day? Yes, true, Mother's Day is on the way, which indeed has a chocolate-good component (though brunch is the culinary concept that rules the parental event). But choc-obsessed sorts best also look to Old Sacramento come the first part of May, where a week-long to-do will have its second sweet-tasting annual outing. It's the...

OLD SACRAMENTO CHOCOLATE WEEK, and it goes well beyond the bar and the cup via multiple happenings. Not that bars of chocolate and cups of the hot stuff aren't delish, but the chance to savor wine paired with chocolate, or Godiva Chocolate martinis, or slices of not-always-easy-to-find mud pie, is one that any dessert devotee would greedily seize upon. ("Greedily" being a great thing, in this instance.). The May 2 to 8 festival will include a Choc-la-trivia Night at Fat City Bar & Cafe, Chocolate Day at the Museums (you'll nab a free chocie when you walk in the door of select institutions), an 8-stop Choc-la-tour (bakeries and coffeehouses are some of the places on board), and the aforementioned vino + chocolate happening. Demonstrations, cupcake decorating, and, you got it, some Mother's Day-themed fun are also on the gooey docket. Headed for Old Sac during that time? Make a date with some truffles, or a martini, or a tour, or all of the above.

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