Omni La Costa: Stay Like a President

Get 20.16% off a luxury suite on select election-themed nights.

PRESIDENTIAL GETAWAY: It will come as little surprise to anyone that we're currently in the middle of a major election year, and there are still big moments to come on the path to the White House. For example? There are a trio of Presidential Debates still ahead, and one Vice-Presidential Debate, too, and, indeed, Tuesday, Nov. 8 is the day voters go to the polls. To mark these momentous historic happenings, a California hotel with a long history (and a number of luminaries who've been guests along the way) is offering a stayover deal, one that's built around the year we're in: 2016.

THAT'S RIGHT, if you book one of the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa's suites on Sept. 26, Oct. 4, Oct. 9, Oct. 19, or Nov. 8, you'll be treated to 20.16% off your room. These'll be for "select luxury suites" at the founded-in-1965 property, so just be sure the room you have your heart set upon is part of the plan (and, yes, the Presidential Suite is one of the choices, as are the Family Suites and Plaza Suites).

WILL YOU TUNE IN TO THE DEBATES... from your suite, to watch the podium-based political-themed showdowns? That's a possibility, if you want to stay current with where the candidates stand. Will you settle into your comfy suite bed, and read a hefty political biography, the one you've been meaning to dig into for a couple of years? That's also an admirable, knowledge-nice way to approach a presidential election season. For all the available rooms, and more details on the "Stay Like a President" package, contact the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa.

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