Palm Springs Snazz: Cake & Cocktails

Indulge with historian Charles Phoenix at the Monkey Tree Hotel.

THERE ARE PAIRINGS... in the world, beyond the oft-cited, right-on-the-money peanut butter and jelly, that just make sense. An ice cream and a hot day is an ideal twosome, and cozy slippers and a crackling fireplace are hand-in-hand BFFs. As for mid-century structures and Palm Springs? It would be a challenging task to find a place and an architectural style that meld together as well. Both are a pinch offbeat, and ever-so-slightly outlandish, giving homes from the '50s and early '60s, and the sunny desert city, loads of panache. Which means a party thrown during a mid-century event, in Palm Springs, should arrive with a panache-filled pairing, even if the pairing is a little bit quirky. If you're ready to indulge in cocktails and cake, then circle Saturday, Feb. 25 on the ol' getaway calendar. For that's the night that history-loving, retro-funny entertainer Charles Phoenix'll be master-of-ceremony-ing a party at the recently refurb'd Monkey Tree Hotel. If you know the...

MONKEY TREE, you can guess the theme colors of the night: yellow and turquoise. Guests at the Cake & Cocktail Party, which is happening during Modernism Week, are invited and encouraged to arrive wearing the hues, which are seen throughout the eye-wowza property. There shall be adult libations, as the name suggests, and one of Mr. Phoenix's famous and humorous "towering" cakes'll be the sweet on everyone's plate. Price? It's fifty bucks, and the Palm Springs Modern Committee is the organizer. Cake, cocktails, mid-century buildings, yellow and turquoise dress, snazzy attitudes, snazzy everything... if one or all of these things is your jam, and you're going to Modernism Week, best jump on that ticket as fast and as smoothly as peanut butter spreads on jelly.

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