Peel Party: Sacramento Banana Festival

Everyone's favorite peel-it-back goodie is the snacky star of the two-day to-do.

SOME TRUE THINGS ABOUT BANANAS? When writing about them, you almost have to say that they're "a-peel-ing," because it feels like a missed opportunity if you don't. And, also, they definitely do hold appeal, or, er, a-peel, for the huge numbers of banana buffs out there, people who eat the long-ish, yellow-esque, mouth-soft fruit at any time of the day. Which leads us to the next true thing: A banana can be both savory or confection-like, and it can easily pop up at any meal of the day. Okay, yes, it is more of a breakfast superstar, as several banana slices can add some much-needed oomph and direction to the soggiest of cereal bowls. But it is also quite snacky, and might appear in an empanada later in the day, or fried along with some meats or piquant vegetables. In short, it is an edible that is always deserving of a delightful celebration, and it gets one, each year, in...

THE CAPITAL CITY: It's the Sacramento Banana Festival, and it returns, with, yes, a-peel, on Saturday, Aug. 11 and Sunday, Aug. 12. It's the 9th annual fest, the theme is "Jazz-A-Peel," the place is William Land Park, and the vibe is an "...exciting, family friendly, multi-cultural festival celebrating the many countries and cultures that use the banana!" This means lots of banana-mazing bites to buy and try, and food trucks, and special happenings like the Carmen Miranda Hat Contest. Plus? There shall be entertainment, to enjoy that sundae or banana cake or fried banana by (eating a banana also enhances a musical enjoyment, we do find). For hours and specifics and everything that's under the peel on this party, follow the yummy banana scent to the festival's online center of banana bliss.

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