Petaluma Basin Holiday Boats

It's a merry night with a marine twist.

LIGHTS ON WATER... And lights on land. Frankly, we'll be surprised at the places in Petaluma that are completely light-less come Saturday, Dec. 3. Why do we say that? That's both the night of the Lighted Boat Parade in the city's Turning Basin -- if you think you'll be looking at paddlers all gussied up in bows and fripperies, you know your seasonal stuff -- and the night that the City of Lights driving tour kicks off. In short, Petaluma? Not a place that sniffs and then turns its civic nose up at the holiday season. On the contrary, the burg is all over the mistletoe and inflatable Santas and the ridiculously wowed-out rowboats. If you know your Petaluma you've come to accept this as fact. If you live elsewhere you might wish your own city would go the same route. In the meanwhile, take a swing by and take some notes.

TIMES AND SUCH: The Turning Basin to-do is only on Saturday, Dec. 3, so you'll want to arrive early to get some prime shore. And the City of Lights self-guided driving tour? That's on from Dec. 3 through the 27th. You've got time there. Pick up your get-around map at the Visitors Center or click-click-click here.

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