Pony Party at L'Auberge Del Mar

Don your outlandish hat and make for a hotel bash near the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

HORSES, THEN HOBNOBBING: When you're a summertime tradition that's stuck around, grandly and gaily, for the better part of a century, you likely can make some recommendations in the whole "throwing a fabulous time" category. And the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club could certainly do so, having roots with both the players of Hollywood's Golden Age (Bing Crosby played a pivotal role in its beginning) and the stunner of a seaside community it has long called home. "Long called home" here translates to "since 1937," and the major part of that longevity is due to the ponies who run during July and August. But another important part of the club's success story? The festive spirit of the summer meet. Parties, fancy dress opportunities, and other happenings festoon the multi-week equestrian event, and opening day, after the races, puts the whole socializing scene into a full trot. It's the...

OPENING DAY AFTER PARTY... at L'Auberge Del Mar, a luxe hotel that's about a five-minute drive from the Thoroughbred Club. As always, it will throw an opening night bash, one that includes "jockey-themed entertainment" as well as bites straight from the posh California cuisine annals. Will you discuss the ponies you rooted for during the Friday, July 15 soiree? Or how you decided on the design of your opening-day hat? Or what you might name a competitive horse if you ever had the opportunity? (That makes for a lively after-the-track topic.) Tickets are $229 apiece, but if you can't make the posh lark, note that L'Auberge Del Mar is one of the swanky local spots to bed down for the night after a day of cheering on the mane action at one of the Golden State's most hallowed pony palaces.

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