Posh Chillaxing, Canine-Style

Gotta travel with your tail-wagger? Choices await at Nick's Cove, Saracina...

KISSES GOODBYE: One of the biggest bummers in a dog lover's life happens in the vicinity of the backdoor or the backseat. That's where we say goodbye to our pups and hello to the sitter or kennel staff. Of course, we'd love to take a getaway -- it's usually been too long since our last one -- but leaving our fuzzy little sofa loafer (totally an official term) behind is, indeed, a real downer. But every once and so often to-dos pop up that cater to both our affection for grown-up meals, adult beverages, and having our pooch on our lap or at our feet. A trio of animal-nice go-outs and specials are just ahead, making that whole backdoor/backseat sob scene for naught.

NICK'S COVE: April is Pet Appreciation Month, the second annual for the Tomales Bay-close restaurant, oyster bar, and cottages. What does this mean, exactly? "The dog friendly waterfront patio and oyster bar overlooking Tomales Bay is getting a facelift and re-opening this April..." for one. And for two? The swanky stayover is offering a Pampered Pooch Package for the month. Overnight accomos are in the deal, as are barbecued oysters and housemade biscuits (we'll let you figure out what is for the humans and what is for the dogs, but we think you probably know). Tempted? Details.

HALF MOON BAY BREWING COMPANY: "Going to the Dogs" is the cute name of the beermaker's canine Sunday celebration. The date's April 6, the place is the Mavericks Beer Garden, there shall be professional dog photos taken for twenty bucks, and the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA shall be the day's beneficiary.

SARACINA WINERY: And this one is a sweet favorite among oenophiles who happen to be caninephiles as well. It's an Earth Week Dog Hike, scheduled for Saturday, April 26 at the Hopland vineyard, and, yep, there shall be wine-sippery for the humans (and water and yummies for the four-footers). Good stuff, which means it sells out. Tickets are $35 each.

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