Enjoy a Summer Evening at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Love to see the otters after sundown while sipping chard? This is your chance.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

"EXTENDED SUMMER HOURS"... have to be three of the loveliest words when strung together. It's no mystery why this is a popular notion: The summer season is implied, which is fantastic, as is the sense that something fun to do is stretching its daily schedule, in honor of the warmer, brighter season. And there's a sardine-spectacular, otterly fantastic landmark on Cannery Row that gets into the "extended summer hours" vibe each, via a special, savor-the-sunset event. It's Evenings by the Bay, a Saturday summertime series at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And we do mean "series," as Evenings by the Bay will last over two tantalizing months, beginning on Saturday, June 29. 

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT... if you make your way to the aquarium on a Saturday night during the event's run? A cash bar, for starters, and small, sustainable bites for purchase, too, if wandering through an exhibit-filled structure stokes your appetite (it probably will). Live music, too, is a hallmark of the event, so prepare to sway, move, or simply listen to the likes of the Monterey Jazz Festival Alumni All-Stars and a host of other acts (the All-Stars'll be in the house on July 20 and Aug. 17). And while some exhibits may be shuttered when the museum officially closes for the day, many will be open, giving you a chance to commune with various ocean denizens in an easier/breezier setting. 

IS IT ALL AGES? Oh yes it is, if your tots like an after-hours adventure like you do. It isn't often that the aquarium pushes to sunset, making this a true Golden Hour experience. Find information on bands, times, and everything here. Haven't ever been to Evenings by the Bay? Truly, you otter go.

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