Redwood Mountain Faire: Tree-Adjacent Lark

The sound-sweet summer-starter will again help out area non-profits and organizations.

WHEN YOU WANT SUMMER TO START, and you don't quite have the patience to wait for the official solstice, you can go looking for those lively, late-into-spring affairs that encapsulate everything we seek in a classic summertime shindig. You'll likely look for a lark that is outdoors, and adjacent to some magnificent titans of nature, like the tall trees. You'll want to find a party that has music, and arts, and crafts, and a sense of local love. And speaking of local love, you'll likely long that the bash is benevolent, through and through, and gives back to area organizations, places like gardens and libraries and groups dedicated to preserving nature-beautiful enclaves. There's a weekend-long summer-starter in the Santa Cruz Mountains that possesses all of those great qualities and goals, and you don't even have to wade too deeply into June to join it. It's the...

REDWOOD MOUNTAIN FAIRE, and it's back on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4. Live music is one of the thrumming hearts of this redwood-close gathering (it isn't just a name), while "locally made food, cold beer, wine, and cider" keep people fed and unthirsty. And, of course, an assortment of crafts for sale show some of the best of what regional artisans are dreaming up and then making out of textiles, metals, paints, clay, and more. If you're wondering if this is the faire that began in the '80s, then took a break for a number of years, you're correct. And if you're wondering if it is at Roaring Camp, meaning your summer-beginning fun time will be in a cool-down, forest-fine spot, you're right again. A ticket? It's $25 per day for an adult, and parking is $5. The organizations you'll be helping out by attending? You can see the beneficiaries from 2016 right here, with the knowledge that 2017 will also support a full roster of locally directed support and sweetness.

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