Renaissance Indian Wells: Sunny Deals

Need a pool, some warmth, and a whole lot of money-saving goodness? It's on.

Renaissance Indian Wells

WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREAK THIS TO YOU, but living full-time in a swimming pool just isn't possible, really, for anyone, unless you're a pool noodle or inflatable swan. We may wish we could remain, eternally, sitting on the steps of the shallow end, while we sip something refreshing and adjust our hat just so (so it doesn't dip into the water), but "eternally" never seems to be in the cards, when it comes to taking up residence in a pretty pool. But revisiting a cool body of blue-blue water when the weather warms up? That is, in fact, possible, and if you book a room near it, you can probably spend as much time as you like in the shallow end, beverage-sipping and hat-adjusting. And it just so happens that the desert resorts are lush with perfect poolage, and as the temperatures heat up, the money-spending in many places goes down, down, down. Making you and your reunion with the shallow end steps all the more probable. The...

RENAISSANCE INDIAN WELLS... just announced a few solid specials as we head into the middle of May and sunny (read: toasty) days. There's the Double Your Fun for an Extra $50, which gives resort guests an opportunity to book a second room for a cool fifty bucks (starting at $209 a night). The code? It's P51. A Summer Chill Package starts at $225 and includes a $50-minute spa treatment, as well as a night's stayover. And if you have tots under 12 with you, there's a Family Getaway — Kids Eat Free special afoot. Same code as earlier, P51, and the kid's menu is available at CAVA or at the pool café. Ah yes, the pool café, so close to where you'll lounge for a few hours in the shallow end. Are you feeling the wrinkly fingertips now? You'll have to leave the pool eventually, but, while you're relaxing there, you're free to pretend the shallow home is your new address.

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