Road Trip Summer: Cambria Beach Lodge

Stay close to the sand at a refurbished spot that's all about that toolin'-around spirit.

Cambria Beach Lodge

ROAD-TRIP SUMMER: A road trip is a pretty elastic idea, one that can can take on all sorts of different desires and wants and notions and kooky, quirky, amazing plans. There's no "one size fits all" mindset, in other words, to throwing a swimsuit and a change of clothes in a bag, and heading out to the mountains, to the desert, or to the beach. Sure, snacks are a classic road trip staple, and solid, sweet sounds, too, on the car stereo, but where you end up, and what you do there, is pretty darn sky's-the-limit. That said, there are a few parameters. Like, do you want to incorporate some soft sand under your tootsies, during your road trip? Do you want to find a place that keeps you on the move, even after you've parked your vehicle, via a loaner bicycle? And do you appreciate a general feel around the property that's both easy and breezy? Somewhere that fits that frame quite well is...

CAMBRIA BEACH LODGE, which underwent a rethinking, and refurbishment, several months back. It caters to road-trippers well as road-tripping is part of its stated mission: "Cambria Beach Lodge is based upon an interpretation of the classic California road trip experience." This comes through in the look of the spot, which includes a lot of wood, oceany blues, retro details, and natural light. And it also comes through in where the lodge is located, which is but a short jaunt from Moonstone Beach. You can try out a loaner Linus bicycle while staying over, and a "light continental breakfast" will get you fortified and back on the highway, ready to road-trip on. And if your snout-sweet BFF is with you? Here's something to consider: If your pup is under 40 pounds, she/he can stay for an extra fifty bucks a night. There's a lot of road-trippery to pooches and bikes and morning sustenance and a close-by beach, so if you're hoping to roll along some asphalt this summer, ponder a Cambria Beach Lodge swing-by.

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