Rose Wonderland Opening Its Petals in Healdsburg

A bevy of bloom-big events are bursting at the Russian River Rose Company.

SENSING AN INTOXICATING SCENT... on the breeze? Sometimes it can take a moment to distill just what fragrance your highly attuned olfactory receptors are picking up. We might describe an unknown whiff as woodsy or deep or light or kind of sweet, but our brain hasn't quite alighted upon exactly what's on the wind. But the nose knows rose, instantly, almost before you realize you're smelling such sublimeness, and whether it is rosewater, or a rosy tea, or the smell straight from the heart of a flower almost matters not. You got this, it is rose, one of the world's recognizable and beloved scents. If that's your joyful jam, smelling lots and lots of roses, then you likely know there is a magical place, in Healdsburg, that brims with the blooms when the heart of springtime begins to heat up. It's the...

RUSSIAN RIVER ROSE COMPANY, a repository for all things rosy, and for other petal-rocking favorites, too, like irises. And the destination will again burst with activities and theme happenings over every weekend of April and May 2019. Weekend #1, on April 6 and 7, is "A Happy Rose Garden 'How To'," while the final weekend in May, Memorial Day Weekend, is devoted to "Tea and Memories." Other weekends will cover climbing roses, Sights and Scents in an Enchanted Rose Garden, and the very popular Mother's Day Weekend happening. Demonstrations are also common during this time, if you not only want to admire the colorful scene but also take some knowledge home. Need more? Turn your nose to the breeze and pick up the scent, and the dates/times/info, now.

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