Roses Are Ready for Launch

Russian River Rose Company

MAKES SCENTS: People who like nice-smelling, wonderfully whiffy things? Oh, for some it is enough to buy the bottle and splash some on and never give a thought about the potion's origins. Then there are those who would stroll the gardens which bore the flowers which went into the fragrance. Is this you? Then make for the Russian River Rose Company over the Saturday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 25 weekend. Not only is the venue holding an Open Garden weekend -- hello, peaceful walkabout -- but the company is launching its 2011 perfume and rose water. And if you time it right, you can raise a glass of bubbly to the fresh fragrance.

BUNCHES O' BUSHES: The company says that each spring "we harvest petals from 800 Bulgarian, Hungarian, and French rose bushes." Those bushes aren't grown strictly for their beauty but for the flowers that go into the Russian River Rose Company's perfumes and rose water. Some 500 roses go into a single bottle of perfume! Exclamation point required. And only a few hundred bottles are created each year! We had one more exclamation point to give. Saturday, Sept. 24 is day one of sales for the 2011 fragrance. It's all a fascinating process and the end result? A treat for the sense. If you want to hobnob with others who think so, among roses, on an early autumn day, in an elegant garden, and sip Champagne and talk rose water, best get your olfactory-enhanced details now.

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