Roses in the Cemetery

A historic Sacramento cemetery is all abloom.

Sacramento Old City Cemetery

SPRING STROLL: Cemetery walks certainly get a lot of attention come the autumn. Sometimes it feels as if every October weekend has another history-focused, atmospheric toodle through another California graveyard. And while those are interesting, and absolutely worthwhile ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, we like to think about cemetery walks during the three other seasons. Springtime seems like a wonderful moment to go cemetery; after all, the earth is renewing, and the message there is hard to ignore. And when the cemetery happens to be lush with hue-popping roses? Even better. Several cemeteries are known for their flora, but the Sacramento Old City Cemetery is famous for its historic, storied buds, many of which are said to be blooming as we type.

OLD CITY CEMETERY: The Historic Rose Garden within the cemetery contains "nearly 500 antique and old garden roses." We love that, but even more? We love that many of the flowers were found on abandoned homesites and other out of the way places around the state. Meaning that their planting and growth in the cemetery truly does signal new life and a second chapter for flowers that could have eventually withered away. For a tour, or more information on Sactown's stunning spot, contact Rose Garden Manager Anita Clevenger for a gratis tour of the cemetery.

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