Sacramento Bacon Fest

A full week of salty, meaty delights awaits in the capital.

A PAN FULL OF WORDS: What can be said about a certain strip of salty meatiness that hasn't at this point? Bacon now regularly appears inside foods that had nothing to do with bacon even a half decade ago: gumballs, lollipops, popcorn, chocolates. It's a regular iconic addition to ironic t-shirts and bandages and socks. It wraps other meats, like hot dogs, and is served next to sauces for dipping, a phenomenon that's relatively new in the baconverse. Long-running blogs sing its salt-crusted praises and memes spring up devoted to its red-and-white-stripe-i-ness. But, judge bacon not for being everywhere, for it has not outstayed its welcome on the national food-trend stage. On the contrary, new blogs and new events and new paeans of love continually well up, showing us that, once and for all, bacon is king.

AND CERTAINLY IN SACRAMENTO... Where a full week of strip-laden bacon-a-tude'll be thrown on a sizzling pan from Sunday, Jan. 20 through Sunday, Jan. 27. It is indeed called the Sacramento Bacon Fest, and a number of eateries around our capital will be taking a side of pork and adding it to a lot of different dishes (as well as a few Bloody Marys and cocktails, another bacon-y phenom). A few eye-catchers include a chef's competition, a beverage-focused night, and some brunch-y, breakfast-cool to-dos. Basically fans of the meat'll be fully baconing it up, something they probably do on a regular basis anyway. But isn't it more fun to gather with your bacon-obsessed buds? The foodstuff is here to stay, so you might as well go in, full gusto, baconista.

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