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TOMATO TIME: There've been a few great tomato parties in the last few months -- yep, Tomatomania!, we're looking at you, exclamation point and all -- but the fact is we're now in heavy flirtation mode with August. Meaning that any major gatherings celebrating the roundest, reddest of fruits (don't get all huffy, apples, with us making that claim) are going to wind down. There are a few left, here and there, though. One's in Sacramento, on Saturday, July 30, and if you find yourself in the capital on that day you should certainly make for Town & Country Village.

THE SEEDY TO-DO: Demos and chefing and tasting and wine and youngster keep-busies are all on the Sacramento TomatoFest roster, plus something called a Tomato Trot for kids. We're also a little sweet on the Ugliest Tomato Competition (bet it'll still be tasty). Oh. And there's a chef-driven bruschetta contest. That we can get behind. Also note that a wine, bread and cheese party is going down on July 30 and 31 at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg (kudos Local Wine Events for the heads up). Question: Should TomatoFest and the Wine and Cheese Faire find a way to get together, somehow? This isn't a stretch. Is there a meet-up spot in the middle of the two locations? Coffee shop maybe?

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