Sactown Wine and Brew Parties

A big beer party is just ahead. Then? A foodie feast.

Raley's Grape Escape

SATURDAY IN THE PARK: Stand around a Sacramento park on a Saturday afternoon or evening sipping wines hailing from the Sierra Foothills or microbrews created in California? That sounds pretty good. Oh, we jest; it sounds extremely pleasurable and just the kind of thing beveragies look forward to all week. (Can we use "beveragies" like "foodies" here? For someone who likes gourmet libations? We're going to see if it catches on.) Sactown has a big microbrew bash just ahead. And then, two weeks later, a wine celebration. The parks are different, the vibes are different -- the microbrew 'do is a more casual, the wine fest a bit more swank -- but the idea is the same: Get to know new brewers and winemakers. Oh, and have some fun, too.

WEST COAST BREW FEST: It's at Miller Park on Saturday, May 19. The brewer list is pretty epic -- click to see we're not just going for hyperbole -- and it covers Oregon and Washington and international spots, too. Eureka's own Lost Coast is on there, natch, as is hometown fave River City Brewing.

RALEY'S GRAPE ESCAPE: This one will unfurl at Cesar Chavez on Saturday, June 2. The wines on the pour will come from an octet of Golden State counties including Amador, Nevada, and Yolo. A whole bunch of capital restaurants will be grilling, too, if you want to get to know the area's eateries in a pretty wide fell swoop.

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