Safari West Celebrates Father's Day/World Giraffe Day

It's a double dose of dad-cute, 'raffe-sweet delight.

HERE ARE SOME TRUTHS: A lot of dads out there like giraffes. A lot of giraffes out there are dads. And a dad's biggest holiday 'round these parts, and a giraffe's planet-wide celebration, just happen to almost/kind of coincide, year after year. Which is all leading to this: There are ways to weave together your Father's Day fun and your devotion to the tall, spot-rocking, leaf-loving ungulate mammals, in one glorious spot that is absolutely open for both Junetime occasions. And that combined occasion arrives on Sunday, June 17 in 2018, just a few days ahead of June 21, which, yes, is officially World Giraffe Day. So how is beautiful, critter-busy, mammal-major...

SAFARI WEST... observing both to-dos on the very same day? There's going to be a foodie bash at the Sonoma Serengeti on June 17, with Father's Day barbecue serving as the sauce-laden, rich-of-flavor star. Oh yes, and there shall be beer, too, making this splashy Santa Rosa gathering as summery as parties get (but just before summer officially arrives). This is where the tots can raise a soda to dad, or a burger, and dad himself can sip a cold brew, if that's his preference. And as for the giraffe end of the affair? How to find a long-neck'd superstar at the sizable spot, all to wave and wish them a very happy World Giraffe Day? There shall be opportunities to...

"EMBARK ON A SAFARI BUS TREK... to go visit our giraffes and the rest of our massive and magnificent animals!" is the good word from Safari West. And one other very sweet, pay-it-forward element to World Giraffe Day? "(E)ach dollar that we make on beer goes directly to the hardworking conservationists at the Giraffe Conservation Foundation." Reservations? They're a must. Find prices, times, and all of the 'raffe-tastic stuff you need to know here.

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