Safari West: Early Halloween Celebration

Dress as your favorite critter and help spread the word about helping our animal friends.

WE PUT HEART, PASSION, SOUL, and a lot of spirit in dreaming up a Halloween costume, but back when we were kids? Hoo boy, the fervent planning of the perfect costume started somewhere around May. We'd be the world's best robot, the world's coolest dinosaur, or the most awesome combination of the two (you know you'd love to see that). With that in mind, taking some of that creative drive, and the costume commitment that kids so easily show, and then applying it our animal world, all with the hope of wearing it in an animal-sweet, preservation-important destination, seems like a pretty cool thing to do. It just so happens that...

SAFARI WEST... will be holding a Conservation Costume Contest on Saturday, Oct. 28, and attendees are invited to dress as an animal they dearly love, a beastie who could use humankind's continuing stewardship, care, and help. The "conservation-minded" event is just one of many educational and not-too-eeky to-dos on the Santa Rosa animal park's calendar on the last Saturday in October, a packed day which will also include a...

SKELETAL EXHIBIT... created by Safari West's Osteology Team. "To honor the life of animals that have passed away at our facility, our team works to preserve their skeletons for use in academic research and educational demonstration," shares a message on the site. Bones, as a theme, are seen on all sorts of products at Halloween, but this informative display helps visitors reach a deeper understanding of the processes of our natural world and our co-earthlings who occupy it. Another event on the schedule? The Trick-or-Trek Tour, which takes visitors out among the roaming residents via the Nairobi Bus.

TICKETS AND INFORMATION? Scamper this way, with all the energy of a curious lemur, and then get to devising those conservation-themed costumes. Show the world how you love our furry, feathery, paw-rocking, beak-sporting brethren, and do so with the creativity and spirit you always bring to your Halloween crafts and projects.

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