Safari West’s Quirky Twist on the Egg Hunt

Kids keep an eye out for the Big Bunny.

Safari West

HOLIDAY SNAPSHOTS: Do photographs taken on particular days of the year tend to follow particular paradigms? For example, is every picture of you and your siblings from every October 31 of your youth snapped in front of your family's front door, just as you're heading out to trick-or-treat? Chances are good. We're nostalgic at the holidays, and fall into patterns, particularly photographic patterns. Take, for instance, kids searching for eggs. Snaps that frequent our scrapbooks include our tots peeking under shrubs, under flowers, under rocks. But what if there was a different sort of Easter hunt? One that involved not looking under but out or up?

THAT'S... one offbeat twist to Safari West's annual springtime celebration, which indeed features a rabbit -- or, at least, some costumed humans paying tribute to the Easter Bunny -- and a big, exciting search. But rather than peeking about for eggs, kids and their parents take a tour of the animal-filled Santa Rosa park and stay eyes-peeled for a great big bunny. Kids, to lend a hand and help the giant rabbit during the merry adventure, will leave "Carrot Clues" along the way.

CUTE, HUH? Yep, it is sweet, plus little ones, and their grown-ups, get to spy giraffes and meerkats and zebras and the oodles of beasties who call the vast preserve home. And while searching for the hare is indeed a twist on the holiday, traditional Easter touches shall abound, like brunch, face painting, and, wait, what's this? An egg hunt. Okay, well, we're happy, and surely tots will be, too. We don't like things *too* different come holidaytime, just a little bit. The date is Sunday, April 20 and there's a morning and afternoon package to choose from. Hippity hoppity hop.

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