Salmon Spectacle: Tahoe Fall Fish Fest

It's nearly the yearly run of the Kokanee Salmon, and fish fans will celebrate at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.

SPYING A SPLASH IN A CREEK OR RIVER? It definitely happens. One minute you're quietly hiking along the bank of a river and then something glints, in the water, or even breaks the surface for a moment, and you're instantly bewitched and enthralled by the pretty piscine sight. Now imagine seeing a number of fin-rocking creek swimmers, all on the move, all along the same stretch of water, all at the same time. "Migration" is the first word that likely pops to mind, and, if you recognize the ruddy-hued scales, "salmon" is the second. But where to see such a wonder, in the fall, in California, and is there a merry festivity planned, too? The answers are at Taylor Creek at Lake Tahoe, and, for sure, there shall be a celebration called the Fall Fish Fest, which reveals a lot of what you'll need to know. It is in the fall, on...

SATURDAY, OCT. 7 AND SUNDAY, OCT. 8, and fabulous fishies are the central superstars, the migrating Kokanee Salmon, to be specific. In fact, there are a lot of salmon passing through the immediate area of the festival's base, Taylor Creek Visitor Center, right around the beginning-ish to middle-ish of October, and people make a point of stopping by to witness this annual spawn show. So participating in a few educational activities at the free festival, while making time to saunter down to the creek for some close-up marveling of the annual run in action, is the smart and well-rounded thing to do. Of course, if you can't make the party, you can check out the salmon-tastic happenings around the creek on another day, as long as you observe the fairly narrow time window in which the Kokanee call upon that neck of the woods. 

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