San Jose Ren Faire Gets Spritely

Not enough whimsy in your world? This should address that.

JOUSTS, JESTS, AND ROYALTY: The medieval world is still present in our modern world, from early cathedrals and castle sites to treasured texts ensconced in lofty museums. (Note: Treasured texts are always ensconced, never just shelved nor displayed.) But finding the medieval world as populated by human beings, with all of their ribaldry and merrymaking and talents and happy nonsense, is a more challenging pursuit. One has to locate a large 'n lively Renaissance festival to truly dig into the time, and while fests come with a hefty dose of fantasy, and contemporary interpretation, there are many true-blue doings that a faire gets correct about that long (long long) ago era. If you can't do a cathedral or castle in the coming weeks, but you can get to San Jose, you, too, can jump into the mirthful madness. Just don't trip on your hoop skirt as you take the plunge and make sure your armor is well-secured (so you don't lose a piece). San Jose is up next on the queenly, quaint, turkey leg-laden circuit, when the San Jose Renaissance Faire blithely skips, as if under a maypole, into Discovery Meadow. The dates are...

SATURDAY, AUG. 1 AND SUNDAY, AUG. 2... and, yes, that's 2015, not 1315. There shall be parades and there shall be pageants and if you're worried you won't be able to behold a joust, worry no longer. Archery, "expertly staged battles," troupes performing amusements and songs and such, and other things to watch/listen to/laugh with crowd the busy calendar. You don't need to know your Shakespeare or the themes of the day, but if you keep an ear out for quips or double entendre, you're in good stead.

ALSO IN GOOD STEAD? The many vendors on the grounds, selling every ware, from clothing to leather goods to jewelry to hats. Visitors to the faire are absolutely invited to dress the ye-olde part, but if you forget your breeches or hats, a seller may be able to outfit you, as quickly as a dragon alights upon a pointy mountain peak. (That's pretty darn quick, as any mythical creature maven can tell you.)

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