Santa Barbara Earth Day Weekend: It's Big

Show your planet-lovely love at a heartfelt American Riviera celebration.

APPRECIATING YOUR HOME PLANET, and all of its gifts and wonders and plenitude, and how it keeps just the right atmospheric stew to keep we earthlings going, day-to-day, is beyond easy to do. We're grateful to be here, and for this orb's astounding features, from big trees to tiny crabs to vast oceans to deep canyons. And, of course, to people, too, who are working hard to bring the issues of Earth Day to the forefront, in April, in August, on every day of the year. Earth Day, however, is very much about the fourth month of the year — yep, that's Earth Month — and few cities enthusiastically embrace the occasion like Santa Barbara. There's no mystery as to the beautiful, Pacific-close town's Earth Day ties: An oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast "galvanized California into action" at the close of the 1960s, making the place an important player in the annual observation's beginnings. It's a mantle the city wears proudly, and with thought, as can be seen at the yearly...

SANTA BARBARA EARTH DAY FESTIVAL: This weekend-long festivity at Alameda Park will bloom on April 22 and 23, 2017, and, as is tradition, the eco-cool, kid-fun, oh-so-useful to-dos are plentiful. A Green Car Show, a festival zone devoted to locally grown vittles, a Public Square devoted to non-profits and give-back organizations, an educational play place called Kids Corner, and other areas brim with Earth Day vibes. As does the stage, where the good tunes'll be on the flow. If you want to go to one of the centers of the Earth Day movement, and see what the Community Environmental Council is working on, and enjoy the sunshine, and life on this watery wonder, in one of our great coastal destinations, click here, planetary dwellers.

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